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    Givanza-Search engine to plant trees

    Your one web search can help us to make the earth green. That’s how Givanza simply works. It is just like another search engine, but here the motive is to plant trees and dig water wells. We employ our all profits in planting trees. The more you search, the more we plant. Here at Givanza, we are not simply concerned about planting. We are focused on giving people better lives. Planting trees not only help in wood for fuel. It also benefits the economy and environment. 

    Tree planting financial receipts

    We know that trust must be earned. So, whatever we are doing we are accountable. Then, we have nothing to hide, but we do make monthly financial reports, and the receipts of trees planted. All these reports show how many searches you have made from givanza and how much we have spent on planting trees. So, everything is transparent here. The money is always used in investment improving the search engine or for planting trees.

    Capitalism for social good

    We are trying to make Givanza a profitable project. we do not pay our owner or any individual shareholder. we want to spend the profit on reforestation. So, we are a for-profit company. We want to earn a profit so that we can plant trees and make the world a better place to live.

    Food security through tree planting

    Your web searches are making an impact worldwide. The damages to cities like Haiti after hurricanes and earthquakes. Here, we are providing tree saplings to all the local farmers, so that they can fight food security. 

    Access to clean water

    In rural areas, many people suffer from lack of clean water. Through your help we have connected ourselves with some proven partners, who are not only drilling fresh clean water, they are constructing water projects which are helping in better sanitation and hygiene as well.

    Protecting wildlife

     Trees help in absorbing harmful gases. They prevent soil erosion which serves as a home for wildlife. They also provide shade to homes that help in controlling floods. The trees are mostly planted along the riverside and improve the entire region’s water.

    Restoring mother nature

    Every year tree falls due to natural calamities. To retrieve our goal, we are planting trees just in one web search. We think every time a tree is planted our environment gets better. There is no specific number of trees we plant. All you have to do is to make Givanza your search engine. Make a small step towards a better tomorrow. You search while we plant trees and dig water wells.