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    A little FAQ :)

    A. As it may interfere with the goals of the business we do not accept donations. It will not just interfere with the objective of a social business we aspire to be but also will create a conflict of interest with our business. Accepting donation will bypass the whole idea of the business of making donations easier for good causes through searching on the internet. It will not make sense to get donation when we are trying to streamline the process of donating to good causes. If you want help, you can do it by using Givanza rather than using other search engines (which by the way also collects data on you). Also, you can help us by buying our products from our shop or supporting our affiliate partners through the Affiliate Partners Page. (Coming Soon)

    A. We do have a newsletter and blog of our website. Much of the press releases and news are covered in the newsletter to which you can subscribe too. A lot of helpful articles relating to the website and the field of our social business is also covered in the blog area. You will find that it is not difficult to find yourself with a helpful article on the site. This is why you should subscribe to the newsletter and check out our blog on the website. We hope you will find everything there very helpful.

    A. The ads you see on the sides of search results are the ones that make us money. We always get a profit from these ads either through per click and or through the affiliate links that displayed through the ads. Givanza is a hybrid non-profit organization and all the profits from the different types of ads that are displayed and are clicked through, go to the helping projects and good causes we donate to or help. This is in line with our goal of helping nature, animals or people who are in need of drinking water.

    A. Your phone is not shared or kept in the database or anything, we just want you to send the confirmation code to your number so that it can you can download our mobile app. We need it to verify that you are a real person. Today, spammers are abounding in great number on the internet, so in that case, we need to verify the new downloader is not a bot or a spammer. It is just a precautionary measure, which provides an extra layer of security to you and us.  (Apps coming soon!)

    A. It always founded as a social business with one purpose in mind: To help nature, animals or people. It was made on the foundation that there should be no barrier between direct donations and a good cause, no matter what kind. It is a privately held company in Denver, Colorado, United States.

    Givanza was recently established in August 2019. What we try to do is say close to our original foundation, which is to help nature, animals and people at all costs but we will need your help. Instead of using other search engines, use Givanza.

    A. We love to see new additions to our team but for our career section, you need to see our Workable profile, where all open positions are advertised. If there is a vacancy we would love you to join us and improve on Givanza. Givanza is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate in our hiring process, so in this regard, you do not have to worry about. We would rather find people who are passionate about nature, animals and people.

    A. Most of the websites are mobile-friendly, today. It is because much of the user on the internet today is on the mobile or smartphones. This is why we felt necessary to make Givanza mobile friendly. We also ensured to make a mobile app so that you can get a better experience of Givanza.

    If it may be, you can still use the site on the web as you will still get an excellent experience on it. We have made our website with top-notch frameworks as the user interface and functionality of the website on and off the phone is smooth and extra-ordinary.

    A. This would be a yes. The parent company of Bing search engine, Microsoft, decided to become and make their operations CO2 neutral. You can read about Microsoft’s sustainable practices on their blogging website in more detail here. We are committed to being a social business, so we ensured that our partners and even operations will be green and that means CO2 neutral. This is why we will have lower carbon imprint of the environment. As you may find from the blog, Microsoft also tries to the same thing even though it is a large and renowned corporation.

    A. There are a couple of reasons one should advertise with Givanza. You see, what Givanza does is that it provides a way to cater to a niche market. If you are a company is trying to cater to a good cause. Sure, your traffic will not be great in quantity but the quality will be the highest as it can possibly be. It is because conversion rates of traffic that is qualitative be higher as the traffic comes for the query is searched for.

    A. Personalized Search Results are results that are personalized for your better experience. This can be possible when you have allowed our search partner to check your personal history. If Bing is allowed to have to your personal history, the search results of Givanza are customized to your preferences. The differences in this kind of search are subtle. You need to allow your ClientID to be seen by Bing servers by turning off your "Do not track" option from the user settings of the browser. When it is turned then you can see personalized search results on Givanza.

    A. A social business is a hybrid between a non-profit organization and a profit organization. It means while we do earn and try to make a profit but we do not do it for our gain but rather for socially active cause, which does good for this world. As we have mentioned before, we also do not take donations as it would just ruin the effect of the business. We essentially use our ads profits to decrease the barrier between donations and good causes.

    A. Givanza is supported by Google Chrome browser which is currently popular in the mainstream. This work perfectly fine with Givanza with no bugs involved. (More browsers coming in the near future)

    If you do see any problem with this browser then you can inform us of the email support. We will try to get rid of the problem as fast as possible. This way our website get better in the technical aspect.

    A. This could be due to a couple of different reasons. These issues may be persisting from your side. There might be three reasons or issues.

    1. You may be using Givanza from a region whose language we may not support. For these reasons, ads during your search query may not be visible.

    2. Your use of ad blocker will be stopping the ads from being visible on the search page of the website.

    3. Your search term is not just matching to any ad on the website. For this, it is entirely possible that you cannot see the ad.