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    The Benefits of Planting Trees for Our Planet

    From the very beginning of life on earth, trees have been providing the most essential life factors to humans, atmosphere, biodiversity, and wildlife, that is oxygen and food. Trees, the biggest plants on earth, are a source of life, they provide us filtered air to breathe, oxygen to live and 90% of our diet depends on them. The benefits of trees expand with evolution as we use them to satisfy the requirements of our modern lives.

    Plants provide us almost everything, you got sick? 25% of the medicines are derived from trees. They provide habitat for more than 80% of our biodiversity. Over 1.5 billion people are employed because of forests.

    The Benefits of Planting Trees for Our Planet

    Here are the most crucial aspects that define the undeniable importance of trees:

    Trees Provide Filtered Air

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    Trees are the lungs of our planet and they need to be protected. They take all the toxic chemicals and carbon dioxide present in our atmosphere and produce clean oxygen for us to breathe. Our health is highly affected by all the chemicals and particles present in the atmosphere, trees remove this dangerous aspect by absorbing these injurious toxins. To protect mother nature, the most important step is to plant as many trees as possible because they are never enough. Trees are the valuable treasure that guards us against human industrial waste and toxic gases especially in the crowded cities.

    Trees Benefit Climate

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    Strong and toxic greenhouse gases have taken over our planet and our only friends are trees. Trees work like a vacuum and suck all the heat and toxicity of earth and release cool and fresh air. In terms of numbers, trees can decrease the temperature by 46.4-degree Fahrenheit in a crowded city. Urban areas are getting more and more populated but there are no plantations to balance the atmosphere, but we must realize the importance of trees in our lives as they help us live. Cities can be healthier to live if we plant more trees as they can absorb 150 kilograms of carbon dioxide each year and produce as much oxygen.

    Trees Protect Biodiversity

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    Hundreds of living organisms including insects, fungi, birds, mammals, and even small plants can live in a tree as their habitat. All the living creatures in forests have trees as their homes and get food and shelter from them. Trees provide protection and shade to over 80% of the biodiversity on earth. Animals like black bears and bluebirds live in open forests with grasses and shrubs. Other animals like elk and salamander prefer to live-in middle-aged forests that have weak, tall trees. The forests that are most complex, thick and old are loved by a range of animals that include squirrels, bats, and other birds.

    Trees Improve Human Health

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    In addition to the countless benefits that trees provide us, they also improve our health. If you’re not feeling well, a walk under the trees, enjoying nature can help you feel better. If the patients

    have a view of nature and trees while they are under other treatments, it will help them heal quicker. High blood pressure and stress level can be reduced by exposing the person to greenery. The freshness of green view lessens aggression and crime form societies and helps generate happiness in individuals.

    Other than that, plants provide medicines for many diseases. According to research, more than 20% of medicines are plant-based. Different oils and herbs have antiseptic properties that help in treating different infections.

    Trees Help Our Environment and Ecology

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    The biggest contribution in our environment is made by trees, they produce oxygen, conserve water, absorb carbon dioxide and other toxins, preserve soil and protect wildlife. They control our climate by captivating extra heat from the sun and keeping the environment cool even in the hottest days. And when it comes to preservation of warmth, trees do that too, they provide protection against harsh winds. In other words, trees safeguard us from all extreme environmental conditions.

    Trees are essential for our eco-system, they help the upper air by captivating carbon dioxide and harmful gasses. Also, the roots absorb rainwater from the ground and help in the rain cycle.

    Trees Help in Economic Growth

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    Trees directly contribute to economic growth by saving energy costs, they work as a windshield against cold and decrease the temperature to kill the heat. If you carefully plant trees around a building, it can work as an air conditioner and save energy. Houses near parks and mature trees have higher property value than others. Trees around offices provide healthy and happy workspace for employees to work in a good mood and produce better results. Trees and plants must be protected and respected for the future because they are and will be a vital part of our lives even in urban areas.

    Trees Provide Excessive Commercial and Practical Value

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    Since the beginning, trees are the source of life and they can be used in different commercial and practical ways. We use wood to construct houses and buildings and burn it to produce fire for cooking and heat production. Furniture, sports kits, tools, and different household objects are formed from trees and above all, paper is produced by wood pulp. Trees provide us countless vegetables, nuts, and fruits that are used all around the world to get nutrition.

    Many medicines including quinine and aspirin are extracted from barks and leaves of trees. We get different essential oils, rubber, maple syrup, and many other important products from trees.

    The benefits of trees are too much to be listed but some of them are mentioned above and they show us that plantation of trees is the first important thing that needs to be done. The role of trees in our lives cannot be denied as we breathe oxygen produced by plants and use them to satisfy other needs of our modern lifestyle.

    Trees help you breathe so plant as many trees as you can to protect yourself, your climate, your economy, your future, and the whole biodiversity.