Givanza is a social business founded in 2019 in Denver, Colorado USA

Our Goal

We make it possible for people like you to support good causes by doing everyday tasks, like searching online - without it costing you anything.

Our services are easy to use and remove the barrier of paying a direct donation to a good cause. You support charities simply by using our free services.

Who's on this project?

Right now only one person working full time from the Colorado office, Hector Avila.

He takes care of the day-to-day operations.

He works with a range of amazing freelancers located around the world, who handle everything from copywriting and proofreading to development. If you think we need you too, please send us an email at

Can we make a difference?

We absolutely believe we can - but we need you onboard.
Search on Givanza instead of other search engines. Together we can do this.
Please share Givanza with your friends and let's make an impact together - the more the better.

Need more info?

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